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Hotel Diplomats is a garage blues duo born from the bowls of the vast south Texas heat which straddles two worlds.  A brotherhood which has been forged from a cauldron consisting of different backgrounds (Puerto Rican, Mexican and German). Their sound, which comes from a mix of untreated guitars and pushed by a force of combative drum beats, has rapidly gained traction amongst audiences throughout their early tours. Tours which have see them perform at many of the great dive bars, festivals, cookouts and historical theaters that the state of Texas has to offer.


“Wish You Would”, the single off of their debut EP Thank You for Staying with Us, is a quick blast of adrenaline and raw power that serves as a precursor to their second single “Girl” off of the same production. A production which has already garnered praise and much coveted airplay on Texas radio. An honor which followed a Pre-EP release showcase at the legendary bar Maggie Mae’s, located on Austin’s historic 6th Street, during the 2019 South by Southwest festival.

"Rebel Waltzes & Rabble Rousers" is the sophomore release and first full-length album of Hotel Diplomats. It contains an eclectic mix of blues, rock n roll and punk along with thought provoking lyrics. Their first single “Let Us In” is a beautifully frantic and socially charged song which causes even the most indifferent of folks to move their feet.


This is the music video for “Let Us In”, the first single off of the album Rebel Waltzes & Rabble Rousers by the Texan Garage Blues duo Hotel Diplomats. They take you on a trip through the streets and beautiful dive bars of Austin and Buda, Texas. Enjoy.

Somewhere in the middle of Texas is an introduction to the garage blues Texan duo known as Hotel Diplomats. Three live performances, an in depth interview and behind the scenes footage all melted together in a beautiful one of a kind mini documentary.


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