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More than just a band, this is a movement comprised of those who aspire to inspire and be inspired. A safe haven for those who seek to be entertained and provoked into thought. A musical and lyrical commune of the eccentrics of the world that always yearn for more. We are all mad to live, mad to love, mad to create, mad to destroy, mad to unite, mad to break through but most importantly of all… We are all Hotel Diplomats.


Hotel Diplomats is a garage blues duo born from the bowls of the vast south Texas heat which straddles two worlds.  A brotherhood which has been forged from a cauldron consisting of different backgrounds (Puerto Rican, Mexican and German). Their sound, which comes from a mix of untreated guitars and pushed by a force of combative drum beats, has rapidly gained traction amongst audiences throughout their early tours. Tours which have see them perform at many of the great dive bars, festivals, cookouts and historical theaters that the state of Texas has to offer.


Christian Möller is the jack of all trades of this power duo. Whether it is producing the music, creating all the visuals, directing all the video productions or playing a multitude of instruments, Christian’s many talents help drive this duo’s vision forward.


José Luján, the resident blues guitarist and bohemian baritone, is the wordsmith of the group. A recent graduate of a master’s in creative writing, Jose uses what he has learned from his experiences and what he has observed from the experiences of others to take you on a lyrical journey that both excites and provokes.


Hotel Diplomats exists to carry the listener through an odyssey of love, hate and the intricacies that unite them. Join us in our collective purpose for existing and proclaim to those around you that too yearn for much more than the false gifts that society has bestowed upon us all that…. We are all Hotel Diplomats.


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